A poem - Teamwork

Sweating together, dribbling down the court,

Panting from exhaustion, no reason to abort.

As I clutch my knees,

Saying a silent plea,

Then for a split second,

A tap on my back beckoned,

“Come on, we are almost there”

My teammate said, stealing the ball with seconds to spare.

I stand back up, encouraged by my team,

Running and passing, avoided defense as it seemed.

I set a screen,

The point moves down unseen.

With a quick look,

She passes the ball with a hook.

The ball is shot,

As it enters the golden pot,

It goes through,


The buzzer beams

I look across to my team.

Ecstatic, mixed with lucidly dreaming.

I am proud to have won, I think

But, most of all, I am proud to have won together.


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