Making the Right Choices

Choices. People make them everyday. From the color of the dress a person is wearing to  a deal with a client. Whatever it always ends up steering your life in a different direction. Often the effect of the these choices is good or bad.  One study shown by psychologist , Laurence  Steinberg, shows that people ( especially teens) often make bad decisions often with peer pressure. Peer pressure is when a person is forced to do something from the influence of their friends. However, people can prevent bad decision making with just a few simple steps.

Here’s how:
  1. When making an important decision, do not bring a another person along it may affect your decision making outcome.
  2. When being given choices, think about a few seconds and rethink and rethink your choices over and over again. When coming to a decision make sure that you really want that choice then, accept it.
  3. This is optional, but I suggest that you read The Giver by Lois Lowry. This is a classic fictional novel that portrays what our world will be like without choices. I believe this book really does teach the value of the choices we make in our lives each day.

To sum it all up, choices can sometimes be difficult to make as well. It is important to always think about what the effect of the decision then, finally decide your choice. Also, when you want to pick between two choices  always decide what the result is going to be at the end. For these reasons, making the right choices can save your future.


  1. Decisions for right choices: Good topic indeed !
    This is not only for the Young but for everyone?
    Decision making is required when choices are there !?
    We need to have thorough understanding of pros & cons of every choice
    Means knowledge & experience?
    So consult, discuss choose the right option?

  2. Nice to know that you have read the novel MobyDick?
    did you see the films ? there are two versions ! I saw them


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